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Missions Moment

From Missions Chair Jean Peterson:




What does the number 126 have to do with TUMC?

That’s the largest amount of jars of peanut butter we have donated to the Denton Community Food Center ever!

Could we improve that number? YES!!!

If everyone just brought 1 jar of peanut butter during February, just imagine how much we could give! Please bring all the peanut butter jars you can by Sunday, March 1 so we can start this new decade in a huge way!!!




At our recent blood drive on Sunday, January 26, our church donated 57 units of blood!

We have never donated that much before, and even adding together our last 2 blood drives, we weren’t able to donate that much blood! This amazing amount of blood given is because of the generosity of those of you who could donate your blood. (Do you think Carter BloodCare will be asking for more blood from us since this was such a huge success sometime soon???).