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Who We Are

Trinity United Methodist Church is a Scripturally-based and Christ-centered faith community. We are an inclusive congregation, rejecting no one and accepting everyone. Every person is a child of sacred worth for whom Christ died. All are welcome into our fellowship who profess faith in God’s full self-disclosure in Jesus Christ, promising to love God and love one another. Because we believe in the Risen One, we are compelled by the Spirit’s power to put faith into action through the offering of our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We make it our aim to love, not judge. Discrimination is not a part of our spiritual DNA.

While primarily a neighborhood church, we draw from many surrounding communities. We are ever-thankful for our families from the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe as we embrace and celebrate diversity.

We offer inspirational worship in traditional and contemporary venues.

We are a program-driven church offering strong educational, missional, outreach, and music ministry for all ages.

Our hearts, minds, and doors are always open.

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