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Stewardship: Your Giving, In Action

If you were in any of our three services on Sunday, October 27th, you heard our own Dr. Herman Totten speak about Apportionments, and what Global Methodist Ministries are supported by that 6% of Trinity’s budget.

Due to technical issues, there was no Livestream on Sunday, so we have reproduced Herman’s talk here for you to read.


Apportionment Funds

The main way we support the ministries of the church is through our Apportioned funds, a method of giving that proportionally allocates the church-wide budget to conferences and local churches.

For United Methodists this method of giving has become a strong, generous tradition.

Together, through our connected congregations, we accomplish what no single church, district, or annual conference could ever hope to do alone. In this way, each individual, each family, each congregation gives a fair share for the church’s work. We combine our prayers, presence, gifts, and service to make a significant difference in the lives of God’s people.

The General funds include:


The World Service Fund is the essential core of our global outreach ministry, underwriting Christian mission around the world.


Men and women choose the ministry because God calls them. The Ministerial Education Fund is our way of helping them answer this divine call. Our United Methodist seminaries lead the effort to proclaim God’s word in a world desperately in need of that message.


Bishops have always had a very special role in our church…elected and consecrated to speak to the church…and from the church. The apostle Paul called it “a noble task,” but it is practical, too, since our bishops oversee and promote the church’s spiritual and temporal interests as well.


The 11 historically Black colleges and universities supported by the United Methodist Church have played unique roles in higher education. Their graduates – teachers and doctors, ministers and bishops, judges, artists and entrepreneurs – are leaders in the African-American community and in a rapidly changing, more diverse United States.


We United Methodists acknowledge that we are but a small part of the worldwide Christian church – the living body of Jesus Christ. Our unity with other Christian communions is affirmed as we witness to a common Christian faith, meet human suffering and advocate for peace and justice all over the world.


This vital fund supports the only United Methodist-related, degree-granting university on the continent of Africa – serving students from 21 countries, all across the continent of Africa. Africa University provides higher education of excellent quality, enriched with Christian values, for both men and women, developing visionary leaders of tomorrow.


This fund underwrites and finances general church activities that are administrative in nature, rather than program-related – like General Conference, the legislative branch of the church. General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers the finances of the church, receives, disburses and accounts for the church’s general funds, safeguards the denomination’s legal interests and rights, compiles and publishes denominational statistics and maintains the church’s records.


85% stays at Trinity

7% goes to Jurisdictional, Annual Conferences, and District

6% Benevolence (Second Mile Giving)

6% to General Apportionments

    – Dr. Herman Totten

October 27, 2019