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Rev. Bowden has served as Trinity’s Pastor since 2013. He previously served the following Dallas County Churches – Greenland Hills UMC, FUMC Lancaster, Munger Place UMC in east Dallas, and FUMC Duncanville. He also served University UMC in Wichita Falls and Waples Memorial UMC in Denison.

Rev. Bowden was ordained Deacon in 1988. In 1992 he was ordained Elder and became a member in full connection of the North Texas Annual Conference.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from the University of West Florida in 1983. He studied at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, where he earned his Master of Divinity degree in 1990 and Doctor of Ministry in 1996.

His ministry travels have taken him to Israel, England, Greece, The Czech Republic, Kenya, Hong Kong, South Korea, France, and The Hague.

Jim married Martha Smith in 1985. She earned her Master of Theological Studies at Perkins (SMU) where she was a Perkins scholar with primary emphasis in Old Testament studies. She is proficient in Latin, Hebrew and Greek languages. Martha serves as Cantorial Assistant at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas. Jim and Martha have two sons – Jordan (26) and Jackson (22).

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Kassandra grew up and lived in San Antonio until 2004 when she and her husband moved to the Denton area.[nbsp_tc] Kassandra worked as a legal secretary for 32 years and when she moved to North Texas, she changed job locations from a firm in San Antonio to the same firm in Dallas where she retired in June 2016.

After only six months of retirement, she started work at TUMC and loves her job and being so close to work!

Kassandra loves spending time with her two daughters, two sons-in-law, two granddaughters and Snickers, her 15 year old Dachshund![nbsp_tc] She is a sports enthusiast and loves watching college football.[nbsp_tc]

[/team_tc][team_tc name=’Scott Rybowicz’ position=’Technology Supervisor’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’][/team_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’3′][team_tc name=’Michael Reid’ position=’Finance Administrator’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

Michael came to the Trinity family after spending 15 years as owner and president of an ink re-manufacturing company. Prior to that Mike spent 14 years in the Army and Army Reserve serving as an Ordnance Officer leaving service at the rank of Captain.

Mike lives in Oak Point with his wife Margette, his son Charlie (now serving as a paralegal in the Army National Guard) and his beautiful daughter Elizabeth (Izzy).[nbsp_tc]

When not serving Trinity you will most likely find Mike playing jazz music with his wife around Denton. If you see him playing his trombone at one of the local establishments feel free to say hi! (and don’t forget to tip your waiter).


[/team_tc][team_tc name=’Wendy James’ position=’Nursery Director’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’][/team_tc][team_tc name=’Marcin Parys’ position=’Organist’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

Hailed as a dynamic musician, with a sensitive touch, Marcin Parys had the distinct pleasure of performing across Europe, Israel, and the United States on the big stages such as Felicia Blumenthal Center and Carnegie Hall. His unique ability to bring Chopin’s music to life has been met with great praise and recognition in many competitions.

Born in Kraków (Poland) in 1984, Marcin acquired an interest in playing the piano at an early age. In his youth Marcin studied under the tutelage of Jerzy Stępień and Jarosław Iwaneczko. Later he studied with Waldemar Andrzejewski at the Academy of Music in Poznań, where he received his Bachelor’s degree. Marcin has also received his master’s degree from Oklahoma City University where he studied with Amy I-Lin Cheng and Sergio Monteiro. Currently he is pursuing his Doctoral degree studying with Adam Wodnicki at the University of North Texas where he has received a full scholarship and a teaching position as a Teaching Fellow.[nbsp_tc]

Since his first performance at the age of 9, he has taken part in over 30 competitions worldwide. The most significant of these competitions include the 2015 IBLA GRAND PRIZE Competition in Ragusa-Ibla, Sicily, Italy, 2013 Isabel Scionti Piano Performance Scholarship in Denton, TX, 2012 20th International Chopin Piano Competition in Corpus Christi, TX, the 2010 Piano Division at The Naftzger Instrumentalists Competition, 2009 Israel Exchange Young Pianists Competition, 2003 11th Music Festival in Jasło (Poland), in all of which he received first prize. In his youth Marcin earned acclaim as a soloist in the 2000 National Piano Competition for High School Pianists in Kraków (Poland), 1996 2nd prize winner in the International Piano Competition in Koszyce (Slovakia), and in 1994 2nd prize winner of The Polish National Piano Competition “Janina Garścia” in Stalowa Wola.

In recent years, Marcin has gained valuable insight from attending master classes and festivals held by many acclaimed professionals. These master classes and festivals have included Jerome Lowenthal, Christopher Harding, Rebecca Penneys, Stephen Hough, Tamas Ungar, Jin Zhang, Joseph Kalichstein, John Owings, Jose Feghali, Sylvia Wang, Martin Hughes, Sergey Saragyjan, Maurizio Barboro, Wiera Nosina, and Anthony di Bonaventura. Through his pursuits, he has become a well-rounded musician with great prospect for the future.

With all of these accomplishments and experiences, one of Marcin’s next adventures is to be a part of the staff and Music Ministry at Trinity United Methodist Church. Trinity is pleased and honored to have Marcin join us![nbsp_tc]

[/team_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’2′][team_tc name=’Tawny Rybowicz’ position=’Music Minister’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

Tawny Rybowicz is in her third year as Music Minister, but has been a member of Trinity UMC since 2008.[nbsp_tc] Her love of God, love of music, and love of this church brought her to this position after a crazy ride pursuing an opera career.[nbsp_tc] She is married to Brian, a realtor with a great tenor voice, and has two kids, Ella and Kelly, who all love this church and participate in the music programs as well.[br_tc][br_tc]She received her Bachelors of Music from Stephen F. Austin University (axe ’em Jacks) and her Masters of Music from University of North Texas.[nbsp_tc] Her other job is teaching private voice lessons either at home or at Lewisville High School.[br_tc][br_tc]Tawny loves music in all its forms, all its ways of expression, and most of all, the people who contribute to it.[nbsp_tc] Whether its singing along with the kids, leading choir, or rocking out to the praise band, music truly brings out the Holy Spirit and transcends words.

[/team_tc][team_tc name=’John Wesely’ position=’Our founder’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

John Wesley[nbsp_tc](/ˈdʒɒn[nbsp_tc]ˈwɛsli/[nbsp_tc]or[nbsp_tc]/ˈdʒɒn[nbsp_tc]ˈwɛzli/;[1][nbsp_tc]28 June[nbsp_tc][O.S.[nbsp_tc]17 June][nbsp_tc]1703[nbsp_tc]– 2 March 1791) was an[nbsp_tc]English[nbsp_tc]cleric[nbsp_tc]and[nbsp_tc]theologian[nbsp_tc]who, with his brother[nbsp_tc]Charles[nbsp_tc]and fellow cleric[nbsp_tc]George Whitefield, founded[nbsp_tc]Methodism.

Educated at[nbsp_tc]Charterhouse School[nbsp_tc]and[nbsp_tc]Christ Church, Oxford, Wesley was elected a[nbsp_tc]fellow[nbsp_tc]of[nbsp_tc]Lincoln College, Oxford[nbsp_tc]in 1726 and[nbsp_tc]ordained[nbsp_tc]as an[nbsp_tc]Anglican[nbsp_tc]priest two years later. He led the “Holy Club”, a society formed for the purpose of study and the pursuit of a devout Christian life; it had been founded by his brother Charles, and counted George Whitefield among its members. After an unsuccessful ministry of two years at[nbsp_tc]Savannah[nbsp_tc]in the[nbsp_tc]Georgia Colony, Wesley returned to London and joined a religious society led by[nbsp_tc]Moravian Christians. On 24 May 1738 he experienced what has come to be called his[nbsp_tc]evangelical[nbsp_tc]conversion, when he felt his “heart strangely warmed”. He subsequently left the Moravians, beginning his own ministry.

A key step in the development of Wesley’s ministry was, like Whitefield, to travel and[nbsp_tc]preach outdoors. In contrast to Whitefield’s[nbsp_tc]Calvinism, Wesley embraced the[nbsp_tc]Arminian doctrines[nbsp_tc]that dominated the[nbsp_tc]Church of England[nbsp_tc]at the time. Moving across Great Britain and Ireland, he helped form and organise small Christian groups that developed intensive and personal accountability,[nbsp_tc]discipleship[nbsp_tc]and religious instruction. Most importantly, he appointed[nbsp_tc]itinerant, unordained[nbsp_tc]evangelists[nbsp_tc]to travel and preach as he did and to care for these groups of people. Under Wesley’s direction, Methodists became leaders in many social issues of the day, including[nbsp_tc]prison reform[nbsp_tc]and the[nbsp_tc]abolition of slavery.

Although he was not a[nbsp_tc]systematic theologian, Wesley argued for the notion of[nbsp_tc]Christian perfection[nbsp_tc]and against Calvinism—and, in particular, against its doctrine of[nbsp_tc]predestination. He held that, in this life, Christians could achieve a state where the[nbsp_tc]love of God[nbsp_tc]”reigned supreme in their hearts”, giving them outward holiness. His evangelicalism, firmly grounded in[nbsp_tc]sacramental[nbsp_tc]theology, maintained that[nbsp_tc]means of grace[nbsp_tc]were the manner by which God[nbsp_tc]sanctifies[nbsp_tc]and transforms the believer, encouraging people to experience[nbsp_tc]Jesus Christ[nbsp_tc]personally.

Throughout his life, Wesley remained within the[nbsp_tc]established[nbsp_tc]Church of England, insisting that the Methodist movement lay well within its tradition.[2][nbsp_tc]In his early ministry, Wesley was barred from preaching in many parish churches and the Methodists were persecuted; he later became widely respected and, by the end of his life, had been described as “the best loved man in England”.[3][nbsp_tc]In 2002, he was placed at number 50 in the[nbsp_tc]BBC’s poll of the[nbsp_tc]100 Greatest Britons.[4]


[/team_tc][team_tc name=’Vinny Thomas’ position=’Associate Director of Music’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

Vinny (Virginia) Thomas has been a part of Trinity since 2007.[nbsp_tc] She currently teaches choir at Strickland MS here in Denton.[nbsp_tc] Her husband, Paul, and two daughters are also involved with the music ministries at Trinity.[nbsp_tc] Be sure to ask her about the spring musical for this year! [nbsp_tc]


[/team_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’2′][team_tc name=’Denise Davis’ position=’Children’s Minister’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ mail=’’ social_target=’_self’]

Denise Davis grew up in Oklahoma until moving to Texas when she married her husband Mark. She graduated from the University of Arkansas and taught for 34 years before retiring. She has two children who are married and one grandchild that all live in Denton.[br_tc] [br_tc] Denise began working in our children’s ministry four years ago. She loves to share God’s love and Bible stories with children. [br_tc] Her favorite things to do are spending time with her grandson, visiting with her family, and enjoying time outside.[br_tc][br_tc] Denise is excited about the opportunity to teach children about God’s love!

[/team_tc][team_tc name=’Amanda Bova’ position=’Cherub Choir Director’ image=’’ link=’#’ modal=’1′ social_target=’_self’]

Amanda Bova is our volunteer director for the Cherub choir.[nbsp_tc] They meet every Wednesday night.[nbsp_tc] She also teaches at Trinity Learning Center and has a gift (and patience!) for working with small children.[nbsp_tc] Parents and guardians are welcome to sit in on rehearsals but are not required. [nbsp_tc]

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