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Children’s Moment of Worship

Hi! Boys and Girls and Parents!

This Sunday will be Palm Sunday the first day of Holy Week. We usually share in the service by carrying in palm branches and waving them as the choir sings to celebrate Palm Sunday. Since we are not going to be together at church I am hoping you will join in by making a palm branch at home either this evening or by tomorrow. You can trace your hand and glue 5 or 6 hands together to make a branch or fold a couple sheets of paper together and cut out palm leaves. You can glue them on a stick to make a palm branch Then I need you to ask your parents to take a picture of you holding your palm branch and email it to me. Kailey our youth director is going to put them all together for our worship service this week. It will be great to see everyones picture and for each of you to join in our service with your precious picture holding a palm branch. If you do not have green paper just color a page or use whatever color you have. I am so excited about the opportunity to join together to carry in the palm branches.

I sure miss each one of you and keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful time being creative on your palm branches!
please email to: and
Ms. Denise