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What’s In a Name?

Most everyone is familiar with this memorable line from William Shakespeare’s classic, “Romeo and Juliet.” Juliet was not in love with Romeo’s family name (Montague). Nor was Romeo in love with Juliet’s family name (Capulet). Each was in love with the person — not the name. And yet, I think there is something to be said about the Christocentric Gaither hymn, “There’s Something About That Name.”

In biblical times, names were considerably important. Names are still important to this day. Here is one of my favorite examples: I think it’s accurate to say that most everyone has at least heard the name Elton John. Elton John’s given name was Reginald K. Dwight. Do you think the singer we know as Elton John would have sky-rocketed to stardom had he kept his given name? I doubt it. My maternal grandmother named me “James Bradley” because she envisioned a little boy growing up to become a highly successful businessman with a brass plaque on the door inscribed with the big letters, “J.B.” Now that’s funny!

We named our older son Jordan Micah (Jordan River) and Micah (one of the Minor Prophets). We named our younger son Jackson Chase (Jackson, Mississippi) and Chase (because we knew we would always be chasing after this one)!

What is the story behind your name? Your children’s names?

I hope you will invite your friends to worship with you at Trinity this coming Sunday, April 15th. We will explore the meaning and power behind our Lord’s name (Jesus) and his title (Christ). Please bring your Bible and notepad. I will be making many references you will want to remember.

By the way, I may not be a highly successful businessman as my grandmother envisioned, but I do know what April 15th means! Always remember the command of our Lord and Christ: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” — Matthew 22:21. I.e., pay your tithes and your taxes!


Rev. Jim