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Stewardship Devotional October 27


Witness through song

Verse 1
Go make of all disciples
We hear the call O Lord
That comes from Thee our Father
In Thy eternal Word
Inspire our ways of learning
Through earnest fervent prayer
And let our daily living
Reveal Thee everywhere

Verse 2
Go make of all disciples
Baptizing in the name
Of Father Son and Spirit
From age to age the same
We call each new disciple
To follow Thee O Lord
Redeeming soul and body
By water and the Word
Verse 3
Go make of all disciples
We at Thy feet would stay
Until each life’s vocation
Accents Thy holy way
We cultivate the nature
God plants in every heart
Revealing in our witness
The Master Teacher’s art
Verse 4
Go make of all disciples
We welcome Thy command
Lo I am with you always
We take Thy guiding hand
The task looms large before us
We follow without fear
In heaven and earth Thy power
Shall bring God’s kingdom here