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Stewardship Devotional October 17


Are You a “Tipper” or a “Tither”


A couple invited some friends out to dinner. The food was very good, and the waiter was courteous and prompt. When they were finished, the host couple wrote out the tip on the credit card slip. To show their gratitude for their service, they gave 20 percent, which is becoming more and more common. As they left, the waiter smiled, happily acknowledging the satisfactory tip.

Interestingly, as the hosts filled out their offering envelope, it dawned on them that they paid a waiter, who they did not even know, more that what they were giving God in their weekly envelope. They gave the waiter beyond a tithe, but to God they gave leftovers.

Is this situation that uncommon among us? Do we take God’s goodness, love, and mercy for granted? For who God is and what he has done for us through his Son, he deserves our first and best. The next time you eat at a restaurant, ask yourself as you leave your tip whether or not God is receiving his appropriate response from you.