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Stewardship 2019: A Message From Mark Davis

A Message from outgoing Stewardship Chairman Mark Davis:

I would like to give you a final update on the pumpkin patch, an update of our current financial situation, and the results of our recently concluded Stewardship Campaign.

First, thank you to everyone who volunteered to work unloading pumpkins and working in the patch.
Final pumpkin sales totaled $47,248 dollars. This amount was a 15% increase over last years sales of $41,000. Additionally, we had other sales (such as hay bales, flowers, and bottled water) and donations that totaled almost $2,000. Trinity gets 40% of the pumpkin sales and all the other sales and donations, so $21,000 went into Trinity’s coffers. One third or $7,000 of the pumpkin patch income goes toward each of our three basic ministries, Children, Youth, and Music.

Turning to our current financial situation, through October our income has totaled $478,000 and our expense has totaled $524,000, a deficit of $46,000 with 2 more months to go.

A budget for 2020 has been formulated that is $578,000, a reduction of $26,000 from this year’s budget of $604,000. If you are interested in the details of our current financial situation and next year’s budget, I urge you to attend the Finance Committee meeting today at 12:15 in the conference room. Ron Perry is the outgoing Chair of the Committee and Jesse McMillin will chair the committee beginning in January. The finance committee meets the third Sunday of every month and it’s open to the congregation.


Finally, here are the results of our Stewardship Campaign in October. We have total pledges of $349,000, down $50,000 from last year’s pledges of $399,000. Based on history, we anticipate $146,000 in unpledged giving and $84,000 in designated giving and other sources of income, such as the Pumpkin Patch, Trinity Learning Center contribution, Kid’s night out contribution, and building use income.


In conclusion, in light of the numbers I just shared with you, please prayerfully consider your level of giving for the remainder of this year and 2020.


Thank You.