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Staying Connected

We’re Trying Something New Tonight!

Instead of the pre-recorded message we’ve been posting during THE WELL, Pastor Jim will host a LIVE Zoom meeting for anyone who wants to join.

Trinity Members should have received and email yesterday with a link to the meeting and a password. If you don’t see it, check your spam filter. If you STILL don’t have it, please email Jim so he can send it to you directly.

For obvious reasons, we will not be posting those links to the Website or Facebook.

Join us at 5:30 – it’ll be fun!





Hi, All!

Your Moments of Worship submissions have been wonderful and uplifting, and WE NEED MORE OF THEM!

I have a request, though, about songs: if you can, please send the title of the song, and the composer. We need to be able to credit the original artists who created the music we’re sharing. As it is now, I have several songs that are going to have to be Muted because of Copyright Claims. I’ll wait until tomorrow to mute them, in case you want another listen. Giving credit may not please all the copyright holders, but it’s worth a shot.

Remember that you can also send videos of poetry readings, prayers, scripture or devotionals. Get the kids involved! Share an activity your family is doing to stay connected to your faith when we can’t physically be together at the church. We need to see and hear each others’ faces and voices right now.

Send your videos to me at, and we’ll get them out for everyone to see!

Thanks! – Marie Snider, Communications Director