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My Grandmother’s Poem

My Grandmother’s Poem

On Friday June 29th, my family laid to rest the remains of my grandmother along with the ashes of my aunt and two uncles (all on my mother’s side).  My grandmother wrote poetry in her younger years and requested this one be read at her memorial service.  After I sang “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” which was unbeknownst to me a fitting introduction, my mother read this poem by my grandmother Darleen Kelly:


Don’t cry for me – don’t grieve for me

This time of mourning is for those left behind

Feel the sorrow you must feel – because you miss me

Shed the tears that must be shed – to relieve the pain

Then lift yourself from the darkness of despair

Look up toward the light, look up toward me

I now know the secret people spend their lives searching for

The world beyond has miraculously been revealed to me

I have left sorrow and pain behind

They have been replaced with eternal joy

Rejoice with me