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Martha’s Vineyard

What a gift our Missions Committee (Jean Peterson, Chair) is to Trinity United Methodist Church. One of their fundraisers is to sell flowers in the spring and the fall. My wife, Martha, is always excited to place her order. She enjoys planting them, too. You can’t see it in this picture, but I purchased an outdoor sign which reads, “Martha’s Vineyard!” This spring, the committee raised approximately $1,100 in flower sales.

Another major fundraiser is our Church Garage Sale — huge props to Tim & Jacquelyn Harper and all of their team. We made right at $3,650 this year.

Our Missions Committee is a powerful, Spirit-driven force in our church. Here’s what’s happening now:

Ladies: Please bring any of your gently used purses that you no longer use to the church no later than Sunday, May 6th. They will be filled with women’s products and distributed to women in need at “Friends of the Family” on Mother’s Day. If you bring them on a Sunday, please put them inside the benches in the narthex. You’ll notice the seating benches. Simply lift the top and place the purses inside. If you bring them during the week, please bring them to the church office.