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I do: How United Methodists Understand Christian Marriage

It is a beautiful moment. A couple stands before a congregation of family and friends. They make lifelong promises to one another and maybe exchange rings. In a moment, their lives are changed. The two who have entered separately leave as one, joined together in marriage.

Christian marriage is not a sacrament in The United Methodist Church, but those who choose to marry enter into “a sacred covenant reflecting the Baptismal Covenant” (The United Methodist Book of Worship 115), and more specifically “a sacred covenant reflecting Christ’s covenant with the church” (The United Methodist Hymnal 864).

Very soon I will have the honor of uniting Catherine McKenney and Sid Shamshoian in Christian marriage. Sid and Catherine attend our 9:45 a.m. Refuel worship in our Lowrie Worship Center. They’re a great couple! Come worship with us at Refuel sometime to get to know them.