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Administrative Committees

Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Trinity United Methodist Church has an active Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) that meets several times a year. The committee meets to discuss the direction of the church, make recommendations on staff positions, support existing staff members, and make recommendations regarding compensation and benefits to the church council.

In many ways, the SPRC has some of the same functions of a personnel office or Human Resources department in other organizations.

Chairperson: Sandra Hinsely

Vice Chair: James Shields

Karen Elwonger

Barbara Alexander (Secretary)

Becky Carpenter

Dwain Martin

Solomon Livingston

Vedaste Nkundizanye

Board of Trustees

Have you noticed the many new improvements to our church facilities lately? The Local Church Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining and managing all local church property — grounds, facilities, etc.

Because of God’s faithfulness, the leadership of our Trustees and your generosity, our church has undergone much needed improvements bringing honor and praise to God, and attracting new members to our church.

Chairperson: Mike McKennedy

Jerry Dalrymple

Mark Cox

Paul Haywood

Susan Hines

Don Windle

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of Trinity UMC develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church. It provides financial direction, prepares the annual budget, reviews the annual audit and communicates the church’s financial condition to the Administrative Board.

Chairperson: Ron Perry

Dale Hinesly

Rev. Dr. Jim Terry

Jamey Brooks

Brenda Jacobsmeyer

Ryan Phillips

Ex Officio:

Mark Davis

Patty Clark

Michael Reid

Nominating Committee

For those of you who have been in the United Methodist Church for some time, you will know this work area as the “Nominating Committee.” The UMC General Conference has changed the name of this committee a few times over the years, but the purpose of the committee has not changed.

This is the only committee in the church where the pastor serves as the Chairperson. Why the pastor? The pastor is the one person who gets to know every member of the church personally and professionally. The pastor has the ability to identify the unique God-given spiritual gifts of each church member.

The major portion of this committee’s work is done in the fall. The pastor meets with the committee to make recommendations for appointed positions. They then compile a Leadership Roster to be approved at our annual Charge Conference (a meeting of our Administrative Board in special session with our District Superintendent, Dr. Ron Henderson). Once approved, our committee is set. Sometimes, the committee meets throughout the year if vacancies need to be filled.

Chairperson: Rev. Dr. Jim Bowden

Vicki Elder

Kay Stensgard

Jacquelyn Harper

Carol Perry

Paula Monk

Marlene Dooley

Anthony Sims

Paul Thomas

Beau Judd

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